Select 3 Matching Cameras and a Switcher

High Definition 3 Camera Production Package, Your Choice $1495.00

Budget Video Rentals Multi-Camera Division has a wide variety of high definition (and even standard definition) camera packages that are set up for multi-camera operations - either switched, ISO, or both.

One of the latest hot packages is the Sony EX-3 cameras in high definition, switched on any one of our HD switchers. Multiple Sony CineAlta, Panasonic Varicam, HDX-900, or almost any of the recently manufactured cameras are all in stock. Paintboxes and cables back to the control and record area are also available at incredibly low prices. RTS intercom systems with as many drops as you need and KiPro, SxS digital or traditional HDCAM, DVCPRO tape recorders.


Budget Video Rentals inventory has been developed over 37 years in the very same North Miami building. We have been supplying TV broadcast triax multicamera systems for years. Now we have translated that experience to the new technologies. HDSDI and Firewire are the new magic words.

We have the only 24P switcher in rental anywhere near this market.



One of the more popular cameras lately is the Sony EX3 XDCAM. This camera employs HDSDI and has a time code input. With our optional Clockit Boxes we can make sure all material from every independent camera has the identical frame accurate time code for post production ease and assistance. The unique Sony EX-3 cameras also function with the Sony RMB-150 paint boxes so that remote cameras can all be monitored. When the exposure is not perfect, a twist of the dial rather than a call to a camera operator on headset fixes the problem. Colors can be painted so that the skin color and clothing all match, camera to camera.

All this saves a LOT OF MONEY in post and improves the production quality to literally broadcast standard.


We at Budget Video Rentals will wire everything up and set you up with a backup recording of the line cut, and at the same time make ISO recordings from every camera on the shoot.


We do all the above with an eye to creating a price point that can not be beat. Guaranteed to be the lowest price in your stack of quotes, and more complete than anything that can be found in this market.